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About Equality Magazines

EqualityMagazines.com and its family of diversity recruitment vehicles have been at the forefront of recruitment, compliance, and minority community outreach since 1997. We have been advocates of promoting diversity in America’s workforce; bringing the vast and talented pools of African-American, Hispanic, Veteran, and Female workers to the companies that want and need them most.


You Need To Diversify

Diversity and inclusion are important elements in any business or organization at all levels; be it corporate, community, federal, private sector, or small business. Furthermore, these elements are not only important but they may also be required. Discover why your company needs to focus its diversity and inclusion efforts.


What We Offer

Take advantage of our targeted minority recruitment and compliance solutions. We deliver your company’s message directly to the demographic you are looking to reach. Our products are designed with your specifically targeted niche needs in mind, and can also be a valuable tool in regards to how you’re perceived in the community.

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