Click here to visit Women In Business and Industry

Click here to visit Women In Business and Industry

For a long time women have been secondary to men in the workplace. While some glass ceilings remain, with time even those will finally shatter for good. Our website and digital magazine, Women In Business & Industry, is there to help chronicle and advance that progress.

Who reads Women In Business & Industry?

Anything but a minority, women nevertheless have been restrained and repressed in the workplace until only relatively recently. The push for female inclusion in the corporate and business world has been steady and growing, but there still remain hurdles to be overcome.

Women from all backgrounds and situations come to the Women In Business & Industry website seeking the latest news, articles, employment opportunities, and resources concerning gender equal opportunity.

Sample Article from Women In Business and Industry

Our readers are those who are:

  • Looking for a new career
  • Transitioning between careers
  • Currently working
  • Working part-time or from home
  • Self-employed entrepreneurs
  • Management or executive level
  • Trying to balance a full work-life and busy family-life

What’s on the website?

The latest news

There are countless magazines, blogs, and other news sources catering to women’s lifestyle, fashion, and trends. We focus on the working and business aspect. Of course because many women must raise families and also work full-time, we include stories and articles detailing ways other successful businesswomen manage their time.

Our news section is a consolidated source of useful articles about work and lifestyle; from the latest studies and advice to developments regarding the female presence in the workplace. Because there is no set formula on how to manage one’s personal and working lives, readers keep coming back to find the tips and tricks best suitable for them.

Job opportunities

While women are a successfully growing presence in many industries there is still always room for improvement. We display job postings and careers from companies specifically looking to hire women, from nursing to engineering and from entry-level to the executive.

Our company gallery exhibits easily recognizable brands, many of them already commonly seen in households, that are looking to hire. Meanwhile our internal job search engine allows women to find exactly the type of job they’re looking for by keyword, industry, or region.

Resource network

Those looking for some help in getting themselves on the right track will find a plethora of tools ready to assist them on the path to success.

Like our news section, our resource network gives readers a single, consolidated webpage linked to the numerous support and benefits programs available for women. Among them are grant benefactors, scholarships, internship coordinators, aid associations, non-profit, government programs and more.

What’s in the magazine?

Tips and Advice Sample

The news pieces and articles in Women In Business & Industry are hand-picked for their relevancy to a female audience, both working and non-working. Many women endure two jobs: holding an active career and being a home-maker. To this end we  find articles detailing how to balance work, home, and lifestyle.

Our digital magazine highlights success stories, female CEOs and entrepreneurs, helpful job-seeking advice, and useful tips-and-tricks for balancing a modern woman’s busy schedule.

No registration or subscription fees

We publish Women In Business & Industry as a service to the working woman. It is available in the universal PDF format, viewable on home computers and most mobile devices. Anyone can view or download copies of the digital magazine at no charge or registration.

Types of articles

  • Interviews with successful female CEOs and executives
  • Highlights of successful female-run companies
  • Advice for job interviews and resumes
  • How to lead your own profitable business
  • Informative tips and tricks for balancing a busy work and family lifestyle
  • Useful books and reading recommendations
  • News briefs
  • And more

In addition to these, we also accept submissions and guest articles.

Actively recruiting advertising

All advertisements seen within our digital magazine are from companies dedicated to specifically recruiting qualified female applicants. Readers are more likely to look for job opportunities within these companies, safe in the knowledge that these businesses  are accommodating of their needs and conditions.

Each advertisement is linked back to its company’s website or career section. This helps to guide readers directly to additional information about the available job positions or even to apply on the spot.