talk about your work style in the interview

What exactly is work style?

Every now and then multiple applicants apply for the same job… some get it, and some don’t. The big underlying question is : whose work style is a good fit for the position. How you interact with your colleagues, approach required tasks and manage each and every touch point in your job. But what’s the difference? When a person goes for an interview, he must know how to answer the questions of interviewer.

When you are going to answer you should remember your dreams and also that this job can fulfill your desires and aspirations. Keep a positive attitude and then respond to the open-ended questions naturally and honestly. You can highlight your work style by adopting different strategies that can be fit for the company and according to the workplace trends. You should prove yourself that you are the only person who can fit in this position.

Check out some of the tips listed here for a little extra boost when answering questions about work style that can help make you best candidate for the job.

How to answer the questions


When the interviewer asked you a question about your work style then your answer must be impressive. For example:

  • You can tell him that your work style is flexible.
  • You can work at one project at a time but that will be quickly and efficiently.
  • You need a team work for checking the errors to get the best results.
  • Your clear communication skills can bring out the best in any project.
  • You come early in the office and work till late night with full devotion.
  • You finish your work before the deadline and help other coworkers to complete their projects as well.
  • If you ever do not understand your assigned task then you always consult with your team members to ensure that we all are on the same track.
  • Try to avoid the descriptive words and mention a short story to support your claim.

Be brief:

You should answer the questions briefly. You should just stick to the actual point and should focus on the things that can explain your brilliant skills and talent that is perfect for the job and workplace trends are according to the requirement. 

Do research:

Before going for an interview you should do a complete research about the company and their environment so you can easily answer the questions about your work style according to the situation and you may get job easily.

Improve your way of speaking:

You should also focus on your way of speaking not only with the manager but also with other employees. If this is the requirement for a job where there is a need for constant communication then you should impress the interviewer by explaining your great communication skills that you can be connected through E-mails, phone calls and other physical meetings. The combination of communication tactics are one of the most important requirement for the job.

Be honest:

When you are speaking about the workplace trends you should be honest in sharing your views. If you’re not a fan of early morning meetings, say “I think I can contribute more effectively to afternoon meetings.” 


Get to know yourself and your work style

Several resources and self-tests are available to help you with this process. Take a look at how you actually process different touch points of your workflow. Calls, messages, emails, meetings, setting-up meetings. Lunch meetings, water cooler conversations. All of these, and more, make up your work style. If your goal is absolute and you have courage and motivation to reach your destination, then you can easily achieve your target with little effort. You can help to get that job by implementing  the above-mentioned guidelines. Look for more on this topic in another post later on. 

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