Click here to visit Veterans Enterprise

Click here to visit Veterans Enterprise

Our proud servicemen and women returning home often need a helping hand in the transition back to civilian life. The least we as a grateful nation can do for their great efforts and sacrifice is help them in their time of need. We do our part with the Veterans Enterprise website and digital magazine.

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Who reads the Veterans Enterprise?

Many veterans who return stateside find themselves in a state of semi-shock. It is a tragedy that so many soldiers find themselves lost and disillusioned once they’ve returned home. Countless servicemen and women end up homeless and hungry. This pool of trained, disciplined, and dedicated individuals is going to waste.

To counter this alarmingly growing trend and help ease veterans  back into the rhythm of a civilian lifestyle we have started the Veterans Enterprise. There, we post daily news, job opportunities, and host a resource network full of organizations whose mission is to assist veterans get on their feet and succeed back home.

Among our readers are:

  • Newly returned veterans
  • Long retired personnel
  • Military reserve
  • Currently serving men and women
  • Officers and NCOs
  • Field Specialists
  • Mechanical Engineers

But ultimately the Veterans Enterprise is for any veteran looking for a new civilian career, transitioning between careers, or even looking to start a business.

What’s on the website?

The latest news

Countless veterans are in need of aid and benefits, but while those opportunities are out there they hardly ever reach the ears of our former soldiers. Numerous companies and organizations have programs, events, and specials in honor of our nation’s veterans. There are many workshops, seminars, and job fairs held for their benefit, and especially in times of conflict there are important issues published in the media that all former servicemen and women should know. Keeping up with all this information can be a burden, so we offer our website as a single aggregate of such relevant news and developments. 

With new developments happening all the time, veteran readers will keep coming back to stay current with the world around them.

Job opportunities

Veterans represent a unique type of individual as a result of their military training and experiences: highly trained, obedient, dedicated and goal-oriented. These are all traits that can be put to great use in the workforce at any level. It then comes as no surprise that many companies look for veterans. However the challenge is getting those employment opportunities to the attention of veterans, who upon their return may not even know where to begin looking.

Our job board and search engine allows veterans to quickly and conveniently browse through available career positions and find the one best suited to their unique skills and talents. Our graphic banners provide a sense of familiarity and instant recognition of company brands, letting veterans find companies they like. Meanwhile our internal search engine gives them a vast and powerful tool in finding individual jobs by keyword in their region or preferred industry.

Resource network

The government and many non-profit groups have services aimed towards helping veterans get back on their feet. We showcase only the biggest and most effective of these groups and programs that we believe can really make a difference. Ultimately like our news section, returned soldiers should be able to come here to find all the resources they need instead of having to spend countless hours scouring the vastness of the Web.

What’s in the digital magazine?

Sample article from the 2009 Veterans Enterprise

The Veterans Enterprise digital magazine highlights major news items concerning the inclusion of veterans in the workplace and instances of their success. Many of the businesses and programs aimed at helping servicemen and women are run by veterans themselves who know all too well the challenges faced by their newly returned brothers and sisters-in-arms. They have much inspiration and advice to share in their interviews and stories.

We feature companies that hire veterans and explain in-depth how vets can harness their skills and attributes to better market themselves. In addition, we also highlight some of the most recent and influential aid & support programs available, even explaining how best to approach and utilize their benefits.

No registration or subscription fees

We publish the Veterans Enterprise as a service and thanks to our nation’s soldiers. It is a tool and resource to help them when they need it most, just as they have helped us as a nation. To that end we have made it as accessible as possible: the magazine itself is in an universal and standard PDF format, viewable on any modern computer or mobile device. Furthermore anyone can view and download copies of it at no cost and without any registration.

Types of articles

  • Interviews with successful veteran entrepreneurs and executives 
  • Job interview advice and resume tips
  • Prominent benefit programs and how to use them most effectively
  • New federal laws and programs concerning veteran well-being
  • Self-marketing tips
  • Advice on starting a new business 
  • Workshops, job fairs, and seminars
  • And more

In addition to these, we also accept submissions and guest articles.

Actively recruiting advertising

Readers of the Veterans Enterprise know that all the advertisers seen within its pages are supporters of veteran recruitment and are actively seeking qualified servicemen and women applicants. Companies that hire veterans know how to utilize them and how to bring out their best, and generally veterans feel a closer bond and understanding with peers that have also served. Advertising with us sends the message that you, not just Uncle Sam, wants them.

To better facilitate this all advertisements in our magazine are linked to your company website, allowing readers to more easily find and apply for your company’s open positions.