Workplace Attitudes

Workplace AttitudesIs Your Employee Difficult to Manage?

Are you managing a difficult employee or have you considered that they may be in need of further support? Research shows that workplace discrimination can result in symptoms of depression which may lead to difficult employee behaviors. Encouraging diversity in the workplace means being accepting and appreciative of all employees. Consider taking the following actions for handling a difficult employee while keeping diversity in mind.


Is there an underlying problem to your employee’s behavior? They may be acting out to try and tell you something else so listen carefully to what they are saying to you. Is there a chance your employee is being discriminated against by a co-worker? Or could they be the one doing the discriminating? Research shows that 75% of workers are affected by workplace bullying, whether they are being bullied or have witnessed such behavior. This is very concerning which is why it is important to promote a diverse workplace as a manager.


What type of person are you managing? Do they see things in a negative way and vocalize this? Do they undermine other staff members? If you do not learn what type of employee you have, you will not be able to manage them effectively and find solutions for their behavior. Show them that you are open to learning about them as a person and they may open up to you if they are suffering from mental health issues or are being discriminated against by other staff.


Encourage your employees to be understanding of others by setting a good example as a manager. If you are treating someone differently in a negative way, this will be picked up on by other staff and the behavior will be emulated. Do not entertain any negative comments or discussions about other staff as this will encourage discriminatory behavior. Instead, find positive ways to have discussions about others where they may be necessary.

Find Solutions

Behavior can be changed in difficult employees through mentoring, coaching and finding a solution to any potential issues. Give positive feedback and lead in before highlighting any negative aspects about your employee’s behavior. Try to collaborate on how to make positive changes to this behavior. Good managers earn the trust of their employees to inspire them to make changes and to create unity amongst diverse teams.

Being a considerate manager with an open view to diversity in the workplace will create a pleasant environment for all your employees to work in. Being positive about others will also ensure that you are encouraging positive employee behaviors.