A safe New Year is a great New Year

The New Year holiday is just days away. Have you decided what you’ll be doing?

With the old year on the way out and a New Year coming in, it’s important that you celebrate in moderation and follow the guidelines to help prevent the prewar of COVID-19. It’s great to have fun, and there are plenty of safe things you can do to start the New Year out right. Strive to help your family and friends have a fun, safe New Year, as well.

Consider these options for safely ringing in the New Year with pizzazz:

  1. Rather than hosting a party for your friends and family members – join the new craze and do it on Zoom, or another platform like Facebook Group Chat, Skype, or FaceTime group calls. When you have everyone get together online, they’ll avoid being out where there are drunk drivers and other hazards. Keep them safe by keeping them off the road and enjoying a great time with you. If your guests drink, all the more reason for them not to even worry about driving, so they won’t be drinking and then driving home. You’ll all be happier for it in the morning, safe and sound! Who would have thunk you could make you a new work at home skills for a party!?
  2. Volunteer somewhere ONLINE  There are a lot of people who are less fortunate than you. You can do something nice for them by just being there and showing them that they matter. One example is the Crisis Textline. This will start the New Year out with warm feelings for both of you!
  3. Donate to a favorite charity in lieu of spending money on something frivolous to bring in the New Year. You can have a quiet night in. You’ll feel good in the morning and someone else will benefit from your generosity.
  4. Figure out your goals and plans for the New Year. Preparing a budget, making a “bucket list” or spending time in quiet contemplation are all great ways to start the New Year out right without a lot of money, effort, or anxiety. 

Usually there’s nothing wrong with going out on New Year’s Eve, but that’s one night in which it’s far safer to stay home. And, with the current state of affairs it’s even wiser. And your children or friends will thank you for simply being there with them. Reminiscing with friends about the great times you’ve had together can help you look forward to what the New Year will bring.

The New Year Awaits You

One good reason to have a safe New Year’s Eve is that the New Year is waiting for you! Start it with energy and vitality by making safe choices that leave you ready for a fresh start. Start the New Year with enthusiasm for all it has to offer you and joy for the fact that you’re still around to experience more of what life has to offer.

When you allow the good things of life into your heart, it’s much easier to move forward as challenges arise.
Even the happiest people struggle sometimes, but being well-prepared for everything means that you’ll have a much higher chance of staying happy and moving into the New Year with grace, hope and positive expectancy.

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