Click here to visit Hispanic-Today

Click here to visit Hispanic-Today

The Latino/Latina population is one of the fastest growing and increasingly important minorities in the country today. Without a doubt, their influence is widespread and in order to better help businesses reach that demographic we have started the Hispanic-Today website and digital magazine.

Who reads the Hispanic-Today?

Individuals of Hispanic descent, Latinos and Latinas, follow the Hispanic-Today to find the latest news about their culture and its integration into America’s workforce.

As America’s fastest growing minority, there are vast amounts of news, issues, and employers to keep track of in today’s job market. Readers come to the Hispanic-Today as a single home and source for everything they need to know.

Among our readership are those who are:

  • Looking for an entry-level job
  • Looking for a new career
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives and managers looking for ways to better integrate Hispanic employees
  • Hiring and staffing firms keeping up with the newest trends
  • And anyone else trying to keep up with the latest Hispanic inclusion developmentsHispanic-Today Fall 2002: Jimmy Smits

What’s on the website?

The latest news

While there are many sources of news concerning Hispanic inclusion and culture it can be a hassle to visit every single one of them daily. We gather the latest and most relevant news and re-publish them so readers can always come to just one place for all their informative and news aggregating needs.

Job opportunities

Besides the latest news we feature numerous job postings and career pages from companies actively recruiting Hispanic applicants. Visitors can browse through our gallery of graphic branding banners to find companies they are already familiar with and quickly access their career sections. Or visitors can use our internal search engine to look up available jobs by region, keyword, or industry.

Resource network

We’ve selected and provide a section linking to various organizations and groups providing benefits and aid to Latinos & Latinas. These groups include federal assist programs, rights coalitions, non-profit providers, and more.

What’s in the digital magazine?

Readers of the Hispanic-Today know they’re getting information about the key issues facing them in the workforce and advertisements from employers specifically recruiting their demographic.

Our digital magazine contains articles highlighting Hispanic achievement in the business world and other relevant news stories. These can include helpful advice, inspiring interviews, and current diversity news. Our cover stories share an in-depth look into the issues currently faced by Latinos & Latinas in their rising prominence in the American workforce.

No registration or subscription fees

Access and Outrage - Article from the Hispanic-Today

The Hispanic-Today is electronically published in a PDF format for easy and high-quality viewing. Anyone can read and download copies of the digital magazine at no cost, with no registration necessary to access them.

Types of articles

  • Success stories
  • Interview and resume advice
  • Company diversity inclusion highlights
  • Issues facing Hispanics in the workplace
  • News briefs
  • Book reviews
  • Key diversity events
  • And more

In addition to these, we also accept submissions and guest articles.

Actively recruiting advertising

Readers of the Hispanic-Today know that advertisements and employment opportunities seen within are from companies actively recruiting qualified Hispanics, not only accommodating their cultural backgrounds but encouraging it. Companies present between the pages of the Hispanic-Today are seen and understood as foremost advocates of recruitment diversity, both to job-seekers and inclusion officials.

Each advertisement contains a direct link to that company’s website, allowing readers to conveniently access career pages and opportunities with a single-click.