A message to our Clients, past, present and future from the Management Team at Equality.

Even though it may seem as though it has been a long time since we last gathered, actually it hasnt been that long.

Given the current state of the Covid19 pandemic, we are all doing our best to work within the new normal workplace standards and practices as we approach the end of a tumultuous 2020 and with an eye to an explosive 2021 recovery. 

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With all of that being said, one thing that remains constant is the need to do what we all can to maintain a sense of community and normalcy. Today to be a good corporate citizen, its important to focus on the community that we serve and to those ends, actively continue to show support for that community by seeking to hire from the same diverse pool that your company needs to fuel both its survival and growth.

Diversity is essential

Always having put forth our best efforts here at Equality by reaching into each of the diverse talent pools, that over the last 25 years we have been proud to be a part of. Through our family of diversity, community recruitment and specifically niche targeted employment web sites and job boards, The Black Perspective, Women in Business & Industry, Hispanic Today and Veterans Enterprise. We will continue to be there for you, not only to help get quality hires but also to assist you the best way we know how with your Good Faith Efforts for your OFCCP outreach and AAP.

As we all try to do what we can during these trying times, Equality would like to contribute what we can by making the following offers.

Any client seeking to accept a proposal for job postings currently on your desk, dating to the beginning of the pandemic shutdowns (3.15.2020) will receive a 25% (twenty-five percent) discount if you accept the proposal/estimate before December 31, 2020, by adding the code EQ25 to your order.

Any client that purchases multiple postings online will also receive the same discount at the time of billing.

At Equality, we are committed to doing everything that we possibly can to enable those diverse communities that we serve to get back to work.

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