Branding as Company Image

Branding as Company ImageYour company’s image is now and always has been directly tied to how it is branded. This is true for all aspects of your company, not just the product or your company’s profit center.

Think of the most recognizable corporate logo you can. Now think of what these companies say to you through that logo. Do you think of just a product or do you also think of an overall picture of what the company badge stands for?

Now think of the different meanings that come to mind based on where you saw the company logo or brand. If you are in a shoe store and see the Nike logo you think of a pair of shoes. If however you are at a sporting event and you see that same logo you tend to think of a lifestyle that may or may not include a pair of shoes.

The same thing is true when you are recruiting diversity. If someone sees your company name on a general or non-specific job board, a place just to attract applicants, what will they think? They will think that you are using the resource just as you intended to, as a search vehicle for applicants.

However if someone sees your company name placed on a known diversity website with community resources (including job postings) you begin to create an image that says loudly “I am interested in your community.”

This brings us full circle to the following questions:

  •  What are your goals as a recruiter or HR coordinator for your company?
  •  Do you want merely to fill a job opening?
  •  Do you want to profess a commitment to the community you serve?
  •  Is visibly furthering your commitment to “good faith efforts” with regards to your minority recruitment an important goal?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then you are well aware of the importance of branding your company as a proponent of Diversity & Inclusion in your recruitment efforts and you should be applauded.

Now the only thing that remains is creating a viable solution that will not only work but also speak loudly to the goals that you are trying to meet. Those goals can range from simply filling a position to reaching into the community for compliance purposes in the furtherance of your “good faith efforts.”

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About The Author

Mark Cohen has been working since 1995 to promote diversity and equality in the workplace through minority recruitment and community outreach. In his position as Executive VP and Director of New Business Development at Equality Mark has become a recognized authority on minority recruitment and OFCCP compliance.

A Diversity partner of Direct Employers Association, Equality Magazines through its Targeted Diversity and Minority Recruitment and Compliance vehicles specializing in Diversity & Inclusion is one such resource.