Click here to visit the Black Perspective

Click here to visit the Black Perspective

African-Americans have been a major driving force of the United States since its inception. While many strides have been made in the name of equality, more can always be done. To further these efforts we have created the Black Perspective website and digital magazine.

Who reads The Black Perspective?

African-Americans from all backgrounds and levels follow the Black Perspective website and digital magazine, staying abreast of the latest news concerning African-Americans in the workforce, the newest job opportunities for them, and beneficial organizations that will help in reaching their goals.

Articles and news items ranging from CEO/entrepreneur success stories and job interview tips makes it attractive to a range of business experiences, from the executive to the entry-level job-seeker. 

The Black Perspective 2011Among our readers are anyone looking to:

  • Find an entry-level job
  • Find a new career
  • Start a business
  • Better integrate African-American employees
  • Keep current with the latest diversity inclusion news

What’s on the website?

The latest news

Our website serves as a repository of diversity news: hot jobs, the latest issues, organizational benefits and events, books or blogs to read, and more. Readers coming to will feel informed and keep coming back to remain current on the most recent news concerning their demographic.

Job opportunities

In addition to news-gathering visitors will find a wealth of job postings from employers actively recruiting African-American applicants. They will have the option of choosing from graphic banners with which to browse jobs by company, or to look for employment positions within our internal search engine. The latter provides the options to look for jobs by region, keyword, or industry.

Resource network

Our network of resources is hand-picked to showcase organizations and groups who provide services and benefits to African-Americans. These range from government assist programs, lobbyist coalitions, non-profit aid providers, beneficial organizations, and more.

What’s in the digital magazine?

Black Perspective Sample ArticlePeople read our digital magazine in order to learn more about their demographic’s presence and efforts in the business world, and to find advocate employers looking to hire them specifically.

We publish major developments in diversity news and relations not only in the business world but also in the culture. 

Meanwhile each cover article written and selected for publishing is themed around the efforts and developments of workplace diversity and greater advancements of African-American equal opportunity as a whole.

No registration or subscription fees

We publish The Black Perspective electronically in the versatile and universal PDF format, readable on desktops and most mobile devices. Anyone can view and download copies of the digital magazine at no cost, with no registration even required.

Types of articles

  • Interviews with successful executives and entrepreneurs
  • Job interview advice & resume tips
  • Highlighting organizations who made great efforts in diversity inclusion
  • Issues facing African-Americans in the workplace
  • News briefs
  • New and relevant books & publications
  • Key diversity events
  • And more

In addition to these, we also accept submissions and guest articles.

Actively recruiting advertising

We feature advertisements from employers dedicated to actively recruiting qualified African-American applicants. Readers know that the companies they see between the pages of our digital magazine are committed to diversity inclusion. Consequently they often first look for job opportunities in those companies before any others.

Each company advertisement also acts as a direct link back to their corporate webpage, allowing readers to quickly and easily browse through that company’s list of available positions and even apply right at that instant.