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Diverse Talent Acquisition Strategies

Workplace diversity has become a heated topic and a top priority for human resource departments. Today, companies are starting to realize that in order to truly attract top talent and run a business that appeals to the greatest amount of people, they need to be proactive about having a diverse talent acquisition plan. Some of […]

Diverse Recruitment Strategies for 2019 and Beyond

There are many entry points to developing diverse and inclusive companies and ideally, a company will pick the most important area to focus on first, based on a robust set of data about diversity and inclusion. Without the combination of diverse recruitment strategies and inclusive culture development, companies risk losing diverse candidates and their overall […]

How to Support Diversity Within the Workplace

There are a few ways to diversify your workforce. Starting from the hiring process, spanning through to your core values, check out our four tips for embracing diversity in your business. Be open minded when hiring Ensure you keep an open mind when hiring. As mentioned above, you risk shutting yourself off from some great […]

How to Avoid Small Business Employee Burnout

Long hours, overwhelming workloads, shared pressure, and frustrating tasks can cause serious employee burnout, especially in the fast-paced world of marketing and PR. Employees and owners may feel like they are always playing catch up and can never find a comfortable place with their duties, chasing trends and trying to innovate. This might lead to […]

Employment Gaps Raise Red Flags, but They can be Overcome

By Steven Starks, Senior Career Counselor at University of Phoenix   Throughout the course of a career, working professionals may experience brief or extended gaps of unemployment between positions. While hiring managers understand that these gaps can be caused by a variety of reasons – such as illness, family situations, travel or the inability to […]

How Employee Engagement, Social Media, & Community Building Improves Brand’s Imag

Every employer wants to have a highly satisfied and happy workforce. It’s as integral to running a business as your mission, accounting practices, or company hours. Without satisfied employees, you’ll struggle to meet your bottom line, keep customers coming back, and earn recognition from industry experts. How your workforce feels equates to the image you […]