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Managing Diversity and Compliance

Diversity management is a combination of programs, policies, and activities that support an environment wherein employee differences are valued and integrated into each part of the company’s or organization’s operations. It assists in developing and promoting culturally diverse employees to ensure that managers retain and capitalize on the ideas and skills those employees bring to […]

Big Brother will continue to watch over us, and we will be there!

Equality Magazines gives you some options as you walk through the OFCCP minefield of proposed new rules and regulations. Last week the OFCCP announced yet another proposed rule change that would again revise and make modern the “sex discrimination” guidance issued back in 1970. “This update, the first in more than four decades,” explained an […]

No Cuts Here

With all the budget cuts proposed at the Federal level you should be aware of one place there has been an increase, the OFCCP enforcement budget. The following will be happening based on the approved FY 2015 OFCCP budget increase of an additional 1.1 million dollars.

Inclusion vs. Compliance

When you automatically lump the concepts of Diversity Inclusion and Compliance together you could be sending the wrong message about diversity. Moreover, your actions could be compounding the problem by how you address these two nuanced but distinct issues. When it comes to corporate identity and image, it pays (sometimes literally) to know the subtle distinction.

Don’t Lose Sight

It’s Important To Remember With all of the recent focus regarding the new VERRVA and Section 503 final rules it is important that hiring entities do not lose sight of the underlying rules, regulations, mandates of the original Executive Order 11246. Specifically, “discriminating in employment decisions on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or […]