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Soft Skills- You Need to Enhance Your Marketability

Compared to men, women often still face hurdles in finding a job for a variety of reasons. Soft skills are often misunderstood. Many people see American women as feminists who have put aside traditional gender roles. Women in the US have many career opportunities, education, and other areas of life, but they are still facing […]

Mastermind Group-The Secret of Success

Working in a mastermind group can be beneficial to your business. Unlike in the mainstream companies, in a mastermind group you are able to implement and share your ideas and strategies more easily and efficiently. Some people complain that you are building your own bureaucracy but this is not the case, as a collaborative team […]

Career Advancement Strategies To Do At Home

Just a few hours at home can help your career advance more than you might think. Among the steps you can take to help advance your career progression include making sure your resume is up-to-date and networking with people you meet.  Networking is a key component to a successful career advancement strategy because there are […]

100 Plus Interview Questions to Think About

No one can prepare for EVERY job interview question. Those sneaky interview questions that you wish you’d known were coming. While there are as probably as many potential job interview questions as there are recruiters, it always is good to be prepared for anything. So, feast your eyes on this big fat checklist of potential […]

Interview Tip: This 1 Thing Is A BIG Plus

Thanking your interviewer could make the difference. So…you’ve applied! You submitted your resume and got the call! Now you just need to pass the interview and get the job! Taking a moment for an extra step AFTER the interview could just be the missing link. Many officers and senior enlisted do this interview tip…it can […]

Bilingual Skills: Money In The Bank

Your Bilingual Spanish Skills Are In High Demand In virtually any career field, Your Spanish language skills can be handy. But more than that, there are some careers that actually need Spanish language skills. Which means one thing: Employability!   With your Spanish language skills at a native level, you’re currently one step better to […]

Discrimination: Supreme Court Issues Ruling

The restriction on sex discrimination in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act protects transgender and gay workers says the UNITED STATES Supreme Court in a landmark ruling on Monday, June 16. Unexpected author for the majority… For this historic discrimination ruling, Justice Neil M. Gorsuch wrote the opinion of the majority. The majority included […]