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A Virtual Assistant Can Change Your Business

Modern Rules for Working With a Virtual Assistant   Virtual assistants are one of the relatively few industries that have benefited from the pandemic. While restaurants and exercise studios shuttered their doors, remote work grew by leaps and bounds.   One poll found that 70% of virtual assistants reported an increase in inbound inquiries, and […]

Workplace Diversity Pros and Cons

Is Workplace Diversity Worth It? Here Are A Few Pros and Cons. Right now the workforce in the United States includes more than 25 million people who are foreign-born. And, in less than 30 years some data suggest that the United States will become a truly pluralistic nation with no single segment of the population […]

A Diverse Workforce Is More Than an Idea

A diverse workforce is more than a idea you hear about at human resource training.   Workplace diversity isn’t just an image on a flyer or poster in the break room. You know the one showing the happy go lucky team of coworkers, from various ethnic groups and a wide range of ages, all looking […]

Improve Productivity and Well-Being with 8 Simple Steps

You’ve possibly been missing out on the best productivity tip ever!   It’s quite possible that this is the best kept secret to help improve productivity. There are many well-known people from history that were famous for taking naps, including Thomas Edison and Mark Twain. Many people take naps, but many more do not. A […]

10 Tips You Should Know to Reinvent Yourself

COVID-19, lockdowns, work-from-home, vaccines, and web-meetings all day have worn many to the breaking point. Recovering from the pandemic may require taking a new job, maybe in a new place, and possibly even a completely new career. This isn’t necessarily a negative though. Most of us, at some point in our lives, are presented with […]


Too Many Meetings? 13 Ways To Cut Down

A Foolproof Formula for Cutting Down on Excessive Meetings   Since we’ve transitioned to so many work from home employees, meetings on Zoom, Citrix and every other platform have exploded. So many meetings can have an effect on your productivity. Are you unable to complete your work because meetings are eating up your time? One […]

Luck: 9 Ways to Create Your Own

We often hear about the luck of the Irish and four leaf clovers. Do you believe in luck? Does it really exist? Here are a few thoughts as St. Patrick’s Day approaches, this coming Wednesday. While you can’t change your luck in the lottery, you can change your luck in life. When you’re lucky, good […]

13 Ways You Can Improve Your Job Search

13 Strategies for Making Your Job Search More Efficient   Some things are beyond your control when you’re searching for a job. You wait for companies to call you back, and you compete with other candidates who may have stronger qualifications.   However, you can take charge of making your job hunt more efficient. That […]