Multiposting SAP

Multiposting SAP

We are proud to showcase our partnership with Multiposting SAP, where together we can bring recruitment and staffing companies a wider array of diverse job and internship postings online by using the latest internet technologies.

Who they are

Founded in 2008, Multiposting — now a part of SAP since 2015 — is a world leader in online recruitment platforms. Their flagship solution provides exposure for career opportunities across over 3,500 job boards, social networks, and universities.

Combined, they hold over 50 million postings from 20,000 recruiters across 80 different countries in the globe.

Multiposting SAP delivers its world-class solutions through a constant alignment of ambition, excellence, availability, innovate, and initiative.

How they work

Multiposting SAP continues to develop its products along three main areas:


  • Post jobs to any channel


  • Find CVs from any source


  • Analyze recruitment data