Using Mobile Apps For Better Recruiting

Using Mobile Apps For Better RecruitingWith all this mobile recruiting functionality being available in the marketplace, it is time for recruiters to get into the game and start engaging with job-seekers using mobile recruiting apps. Those who adopt early may get an edge on the competition.

1.) HireVue

This iPhone app allows recruiters to design interview questionnaires on the phone and then send them to candidates. Candidates can then view the questions and then video their answers to the questions at their own convenience and send them back to the employer. The employer can share the video interviews with other managers too. This is great tool which brings interviewing into the modern age of mobile phones and mobile people.

2.) Jobscience

This is a powerful iPhone app from which gives you applicant tracking capabilities on your mobile phone. Recruiters can invite candidates to submit their resumes digitally and the resumes will be instantly parsed and/or can be searched through to enable you to quickly identify suitable candidates. Resumes can be shared by email, SMS, etc… This is a great tool to take around a job fair or networking event.

3.) BullHorn

Like Jobscience, BullHorn is a mobile phone based applicant tracking system. Bullhorn offers their software on multiple platforms, e.g. iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. It has solid CRM features that differentiate it from more consumer oriented products.

4.) Tungle

This is a meeting scheduling tool that allows recruiters to quickly and easily schedule interviews with candidates. It’s simple; recruiter sends invite, candidates reply and it automatically updates both party’s calendars. The system automatically syncs with all the main Mobile OS calendars.

5.) Job Speek

This app will allow you to create job listings and post them directly to the leading job search engines such as Simplyhired and Juju. You can also add a 60 second hiring message direct to your job posting.

6.) The Hire Syndicate

This one is a specialist agency recruiter tool. It enables recruiters to manage and build their trusted split placement networks and close deals directly from their mobile devices.